Happy New Year! Here is your 10 point checklist to start the year off right....

1) Eat Healthy, exercise, drink water.

2) Let go of the past, you don't live there anymore!

3) Forgive those that have wronged you, that was in the past and you don't live there anymore.

4) Increase your financial security by not making the same spending mistakes you did in the past. Start by saving more money. You never know when an opportunity will arise and you could better your situation with a little more financial security.

5) Become a leader to those around you and set the example of strength and perseverance. Empower others to be great and acknowledge people's efforts whenever possible.

6) Workout a minimum of 4 days per week mixing in weight training cardiovascular training and some type of flexibility and balance routine.

7) Pay it forward. There is never a downside to helping someone less fortunate than you. Lend a hand whenever you can and the rewards will be limitless.

8) Stop worrying about what others say and do, you are a leader now and leaders move forward and focus on the strengths not side step to hear all the bs and listen to negative crap!

9) Spend more time developing personal relationships, your friends, family, spousal. Don't take them for granted just because they are there. Relationships of any kind take work, care and consideration.

10) Make things happen this year no matter what adversity happens in your life. We all get bad breaks, we all have tragedies, things that couldn't happen at a worse time, disappointments. Make this the year you get past those trials, climb higher towards your goal and don't let anything stop you!

I don't claim to have all the answers, no one does, but I do know through meeting the multitude of people I have met and had an opportunity to work with over the years, what works and doesn't for myself. Passing the few items on to you may or may not change your life, but if I am 50% right and your world is better because of what I have said, I am ok with that!

Happy New Year!!!

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