Private & Semi-private.

Have you ever wanted to work with a trainer but were scared of the atmosphere? Or maybe you had bad timing or even the lack of self-confidence to change?

Personal training at RED Fitness Lounge is a unique opportunity to train with one of the best trainers in town, in one of the best workout facilities with innovative equipment and upbeat current music. 

A lot of people worry they can't afford a personal trainer, and we say... "You can't afford not too!" We provide tailored workout programs, nutritional guidance, encouragement and continued coaching to help you achieve your goal. 

TRX & Cross-Functional.

Functional training is where it is at. At RED Fitness Lounge we use a variety of programs and dynamic training methods to help challenge you and create the body you have always wanted.

TRX training with suspension straps and over 150 varied body weight exercises, Cross functional movements to increase your endurance and Olympic moves at a pace you can handle.

Along with the current methods, our trainers create and build new programs and training protocols every day. Just as our industry is ever changing, so is your body and the need for new innovative movements is at an all-time high.

Small Group Training.

This type of training is for the client that is looking to stretch the dollar and not give up on the number of times a month they want to see a trainer. It's also been supplemented with our 1-on-1 training.

This is a unique way to allow our clients to train often in small group settings, you may share the hour with other clients, but you will not necessarily be sharing the workout.

Everyone in the group could be doing a completely different workout, so if you miss a day, we know where you left off and your not stuck doing the same as everyone else. A unique training system that won't break the bank!