Sometimes you wake up in the morning and don't feel like taking a shower, whose going to know? After all a little cologne or perfume and you smell as good as new right?

But whose going to notice, unless you smell, no one is going to notice except you... right?  All day long as your natural sweat starts activating you start to get a little more uncomfortable until finally at the end of the day you can't wait to get home and just take a shower and get that clean energized feeling again.

What's my point?.....

Same thing happens when you wake up and don't work out. No one is going to know except you. All day long you start to feel like something's missing, energy down, moods change.

Until you get home and work out. After 30-45 min sweating and getting your frustrations from the day out, it hits you! Working out has to be a priority because it helps me cope with the everyday stress of work, people, relationships.

Working out is the one thing you can do for yourself with immediate results. No one is going to judge, no one is going to call you out, the only thing they are going to notice is your training, how hard you worked, how much you sweated and how good you look!!!

I don't always feel like working out but I always like how I feel after I work out. Day 4 of your commitment to a better healthier you, no guilt, just facts.

Stay focused and this year you will look better than you ever have and feel better, taking charge of your life. Now who would want to wake up and forget to shower or workout? Not me!!

Staying committed to the New Years resolution is hard, but if you take baby steps and do something each day to better yourself, your health and your life, it will become habit in no time. Let this be the year that unwanted fat falls to the waist side, not your resolution!

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